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Romero starts by using a tool that he invented from copper wire.  Then he dips this tool into large quantities of paint and lets the paint fall onto the canvas. After he drips a layer of paint , he typically waits 10-15 minutes so that it has a dry top shell. 

Romero's Innovative Style

Michael Romero painting modern art

Only then can he continue adding another layer. At the beginning it looks like an ordinary Pollock type painting. It looks very messy and abstract, but after multiple layers, the piece is finally completed. 

 When you take a step back the results are breath taking, a master piece is created!

What is Romerosim?

The reincarnation of two Legendary Masters, Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock, brought together through one mind, Michael Romero Duran.  His ingenious style can only be described as Impressionism meets Abstract Expressionism meets Realism.  He is the one and only origin that can make this new style come to life!

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